Native Scientist, a network of international scientists who do outreach to tackle educational disadvantage and promote diversity, organized an Online Symposium entitled “Innovations in STEM Education during the Pandemic” that took place on april 23rd 2021. Lab in a Box delivered one of the presentations at the Symposium’s grand Slam Session, detailing how the pandemic has led to innovations in its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education project. 

With Native Scientist and its audience Lab in a Box discussed the trials and tribulations of implementing a hands-on experimental science project, in which doing and social interaction are essential for learning, during a pandemic, through stay-at-home orders and school shutdowns. While the COVID-19 pandemic no doubt threw a monkey wrench into its gears, it simultaneously bolstered creativity and made the Lab in a Box team consider alternative ways of implementation. Lab in a Box shared the coping mechanisms and novel solutions it devised to keep delivering on its promise of potentiating (doing) experimental science in the classroom and accompanying its teachers through project implementation, with their students, in their classrooms, even if remotely.