The “Lab in a Box” team carried out another teacher training course in Physics, which took place from September 9-11, at the Mindelo House of Science, in the island of S. Vicente.

Taught by Professors Filipe Mendes and Pedro Brogueira, of the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), based on the new “Lab in a Box” Physics manual experiments, and with the valuable support of Professor Ana Eiró, of the Lisbon University Faculty of Sciences, this fully “hands-on” training course had the main objective of empowering trainees for the experimental teaching of Physics in their classrooms. A total of 32 high school Physics and Chemistry teachers from the Barlavento islands of Cape Verde were covered.

The “Lab in a Box” training courses were implemented for the first time in 2016 in Praia, in the island of Santiago, through training in the areas of Biology and Ecology. In 2017, the first training course in Physics took place also in Praia.

Read more about this initiative here (in portuguese only).