Lab in a Box PALOP

The Lab in a Box – PALOP* is part of the Lab in a Box project and is supported by the Merck Family Foundation. Its objective is to empower teachers from African Portuguese-speaking countries (PALOP), namely Cape Verde, Angola and S. Tomé and Príncipe, to teach experimental science more effectively in their schools.

*PALOP = a colloquial acronym in portuguese that translates to African Countries of Portuguese Official Language or Portuguese-Speaking African Countries.

Each “Lab in a Box” (LiB) kit is developed specifically for each country, is fully integrated into its curricular programs and focused on easy implementation in the classroom, through use of cheap, common use materials. Its experimental protocols pay special attention to the local context, valuing its natural, social, historical and scientific capital. 

Each teacher benefits from the training courses taught by the LiB team, which have a strong practical component and room for autonomous work, as well as access to LiB’s online resources and the sharing of experiences with the international community of LiB teachers through online forums.

The distribution of “Lab in a Box” kits through PALOP schools is carried out in partnership with each country’s official Education Ministry, School Directors and local partners.