This Privacy Policy regulates the treatment of users’ personal data (hereinafter “User” or “Users”) collected by the project “Lab in a Box”’s website (hereinafter “Website”). The provision of personal data in the context of browsing the Website implies knowledge and express acceptance of the conditions stated in this Privacy and Cookies Policy.


1. Collection and processing of personal data

1.1. Use of the Website

General access and navigation on the Website does not necessarily imply the provision of personal data. However, the use of certain features of the Website presupposes the creation of an account and the provision of a set of personal data (for example, information of a personal nature regarding the User’s name, email address or password to submit a contact form, subscribe to the “Lab in a Box” newsletter, or participate in the “Lab in a Box” Forum). In these cases, it will only be possible to take advantage of the features and services in question if you provide the requested personal data, which will be treated exclusively under the terms and for the purposes described herein.

1.2. Identification data

During creation of the Account necessary for logging into the “Lab in a Box” Forum, the “Lab in a Box” collects a set of personal data, which will be processed for the purposes of creating and managing your Account. For this purpose, we request that you provide personal data, which are mandatory, under penalty of not being able to complete the registration process. The data collected at the time of registration and mandatory filling are name, email and password. Users not registered in the “Lab in a Box” Forum may (i) freely browse the Website and view the available content, (ii) freely subscribe to the “Lab in a Box” newsletter through the Website, in which case they will be asked to provide an e-mail address, and (iii) freely fill out a form to contact “Lab in a Box” through the Website, in which case they will be asked for their name and e-mail address.


2. Processing of personal data

2.1. The “Lab in a Box” treats personal data for the purposes of completing registration on the Website, managing and using the features available on the Website, such as the “Lab in a Box” Forum, to respond to contact requests or questions, for sending the newsletter “Lab in a Box”, as well as for the elaboration of statistics that allow us to understand how the Website and the “Lab in a Box” can improve the level of services provided.

2.2. You may, at any time, withdraw your consent for the processing of data indicated in the previous paragraph. If you withdraw your consent, the data will no longer be processed for this purpose, which does not invalidate the processing completed, based on your consent, up to that date.


3. User rights

3.1. Under the terms of the applicable legislation, you can, at any time, exercise your right to access to personal data that concern you, as well as your right to rectification, your right to elimination, your right to restriction of processing, your right to data portability, or your right to object to data processing (you are entitled, when it comes to the specific case of profile creation, and as applicable, to request clarification as to the criteria used and/or oppose the creation of the profile). You can exercise these rights directly by sending an email or by writing to the “Lab in a Box” using the contact details provided in Item 8 below.

3.2. You can also obtain confirmation that the personal data that concern you are being subject to treatment, as well as obtain access to them. If you so require, a copy of the data under treatment may be made available to you.

3.3. Under the terms of the law, you have the right, through the means of contact herein made available, to withdraw your consent for the processing of data for the purposes indicated.

3.4. Under the terms of the law, you also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, without prejudice to the data processing carried out until such time remaining entirely valid, as per the consent previously given.

3.5. You also have the right, under the terms of the applicable legislation, to request the limitation of the processing or the portability of your data, subject to the legally provided conditions. For this purpose, you must submit a request to the contacts referred to in 3.1.


4. Personal data retention

4.1. The personal data required for the purposes of registration will be stored as long as you are interested in maintaining your account in the “Lab in a Box Forum or in the “Lab in a Box” newsletter.

4.2. The data collected for the purpose of sending out the “Lab in a Box” newsletter will be stored as long as you express your consent for that purpose, and shall be eliminated as soon as your consent is withdrawn and/or the option to “unsubscribe” in any of our communications is checked.


5. Cookies

5.1. In order to be able to provide a more personalized and pleasing service to the Users, that strives to meet their expectations, the Website uses cookies to collect and store information.

5.2. A Cookie is a text file that is automatically stored in Users’ internet browsers, when they access certain websites. The cookie allows the Website and third parties to identify the web browser on the server, enabling the storage of information, in order to improve the User experience, as well as to analyze and review the website’s performance.

5.3. Cookies can be classified as session cookies or persistent cookies. Session cookies expire automatically when you close your web browser. Persistent cookies remain in your web browser until their expiration date, or until they are deleted.

5.4. The Website will use the cookies identified in this table, strictly for the following purposes:

a) Strictly Necessary Cookies These are Website-own cookies that allow you to access the main functionalities of the Website and are therefore constitutively activated. They include session and security cookies.
b) Performance Cookies These cookies collect information on the use of the Website with the purpose of improving the services provided and to assess their performance. Cookies may be used to test pages or features, measuring Users’ reactions. The performance cookies used may be the Website’s own and/or belong to third parties.
c) Marketing, Advertising and Social Media Cookies These cookies are third party cookies that allow links to social media.

5.5. Each User corresponds to an individual cookie, thus ensuring data privacy and data security. The presentation of statistical data is done in an aggregated and not individual fashion, which does not allow for identification of the User. In this manner, it is possible to evaluate the performance of the Website, with the aim of its constant updating and improvement in order to address the User’s tastes and needs.

5.6. Web browsers allow Users to manage their cookies. Users can configure the settings of their devices to accept all cookies, to know when a cookie is set or to never receive cookies. You can at any time disable the cookies function via the web browser, usually in the “Preferences” or “Tools” menu. For more details on the configuration of your web browser, see its “Help” menu.

5.7. We draw your attention to the fact that, by disabling cookies completely, some features of the Website may no longer be available.

5.8. You can change your cookie settings at any time using the link at the bottom of the Website pages.


6. Security

The “Lab in a Box” states, for this purpose, that it has and will keep in operation all the technical means at its disposal to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and improper appropriation of the personal data provided or transmitted. In any event, it should be noted that, by circulating the data on an open internet network, it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of unauthorized access and use, so the User must implement appropriate security measures when browsing the Website.


7. Complaints

Without prejudice to any other means of administrative or judicial appeal, the User is entitled to submit a complaint to the National Data Protection Commission or other competent supervisory authority under the terms of the law, if said User considers that the treatment of his data by the “Lab in a Box” violates the legal regime in place at any given moment.


8. Questions

If you have any question related to the processing of your personal data and the exercise of the rights bestowed upon you by the applicable legislation and, in particular, referred to in this Policy, you can submit it through the following contacts:


Telephone: +351 21 440 79 67

Adress: Projeto Lab in a Box, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Rua da Quinta Grande 6, 2780-156 Oeiras, Portugal


9. Changes to the terms of personal data processing

The Website may change this Privacy Policy at any time. These changes will be duly publicized via the pages of the Website.


Last update: 26.03.2020