Coordinator of IGC School Program & Lab in a Box Project

LiB Strategic, Educational and Scientific Direction (IGC) (since April 2022)

Maria João Verdasca

Graduated in Biology, with a postgraduate degree in Geographic Information Systems and a Master in Conservation Biology, Maria João worked for more than ten years at Natural History Museum in Lisbon, where she was mostly dedicated to science management, science outreach and educational projects. She was awarded with an honourable mention within the contest “Bolsa de Empreendedorismo” attributed by the Representation of the European Commission in Portugal with the project “Borboletário”. In her PhD at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, she developed a research project in the scope of BIOdiv doctoral program focused on the invasion dynamics of invasive species and its socio-ecological impacts. Now she is coordinating the IGC school program and the educational project Lab in a Box, that aims to implement a kit of scientific activities in the classroom and help teachers and educators grow children’s wonder towards the world around them. She is also volunteer at Cartas com Ciência, an association that aims to create spaces for dialogue between scientists and children in Portuguese speaking countries.