Scientific Direction – Physics (IST)

Pedro Brogueira

Pedro Brogueira holds a PhD in Technological Physics Engineering and is Full Professor at the Department of Physics at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in the area of Condensed Matter Physics and Nanotechnologies. His main research interests focus on Atomic Force Microscopy, semiconductor materials and devices, biomaterials, energy and particle physics detectors. In addition to extensive scientific production, he has worked in science communication and science teaching. He is co-author of 2 textbooks, more than 20 videos, 3 science exhibitions, a scientific itinerant action for the Ministry of Education and Science and the reference of key competences in the area of Society, Technology and Science at secondary level. Pedro was Coordinator of the Masters of Technological Physics Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, President of the Physics Department of IST and President of the Center for Physics and Engineering of Advanced Materials.